Log Wall Profiles

Our Handcrafted log walls are offered in:

  • Full-length Scandinavian scribe: naturally round logs are surfaced by hand using a drawknife and hand fitted along their entire length using the Scandinavian Full-Scribe method. Joinery between logs is sealed using a P-shaped foam gasket. Logs are joined at intersecting corners using a sculpted saddle notch, round notch, or double-scribed/housed round notch.
  • Dovetail: Logs are typically hand-hewn or rough-sawn on two sides and hand fitted at intersecting corners using a traditional dovetailed connection. Lateral joints between logs are sealed using backer foam and chinking. Chinking material is similar in texture to traditional stone mortar but retains flexibility and resiliency, allowing the log walls to shrink.
  • Piece-on-Piece: Canada’s oldest log building style combines timber framing with exterior log walls. This style starts with a heavy post and beam frame. Logs, either round or hewn on two sides, are installed between posts. Lateral joints between logs can be scribed and coped in the Scandinavian tradition or sealed with a small line of chinking. When chinking is used, this system is settling-free.